Monday, November 18, 2013

These are a few of our favourite things …

I have the pleasure of convening the module on “Developing as a Researcher in Higher Education” that is part of Kent's qualification for new staff. In the first session participants each gave a one minute presentation – excellent timekeeping, incidentally – on their research. It's fantastic to hear all these diverse topics, and the enthusiasm of the people working on them. Here's a selection

  • how does stand-up comedy work?
  • how to make a performance of taste (of wine)?
  • how is performance affected by place 
  • architecture (practitioner)
  • how to capture what clients of software houses really want?
  • how to improve the efficiency of wireless networks … adaptively
  • what is the role of language in social work?
  • micro-meteorites (≦2mm) … not least, how on earth do you find them?
  • theoretical physics
  • Bayesian decisions in mathematics
  • theoretical syntax, and the disappearance of if/whether in Icelandic
  • a new theoretical / jurisprudential platform for critical legal studies
  • torture and the state, aboriginal art and constitutionalism
  • use of cool materials (in architecture)
  • what makes an action successful?
  • Lea Valley Drift: bringing the immediately available city back into prominence
  • Gender in International Cooperation
  • Is there a pool of talented people being lost [to HE]?
  • Sustainability Research in Business Practice and CSR
  • Modelling faking in high stakes self-assessments and biases in assessments of others
  • Napoleon, The Cardinal and the Prostitute
  • Sociology of the Professions - particular focus is on equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Political psychology, specifically: self-esteem and narcissism
  • the brain basis of remembering

The only disappointing thing is that we don't really have time to talk about them in the sessions for the course.

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